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Garmin Alpha GPS Dog Tracking System

DogMaster Trainers is the Largest retailer of Garmin tracking gear in New Zealand* and the exclusive distributor for all Garmin Alpha Tracking gear in Australia along with Garmin Australasia.

We believe we have the best Garmin Alpha Tracking gear in NZ and DogMaster Trainers is the only company you should consider purchasing your Garmin Tracking gear from.  Why?


  • Only company in NZ with its own in-house Service Dept.

  • Industrial wrap + Stainless Steel Armour with removable clip system designed and built by DogMaster Trainers – We know what it takes to protect your gear.

  • New CPH – Communication Protective Hardware – engineered and built exclusively by DogMaster Trainers to protect against lost comms.

  • We have over 14 years experience in modifying tracking collars.

  • Mix & Match any T5 or TT15 collar combination with your Alpha 100 or Astro 430.

The new CPH is designed to protect your collars against loss of comms or communication between your hand-piece (Alpha or Astro) and your collars.   DogMaster engineered and installed and exclusive to DogMaster customers only.

Published in More Pork Pig Hunter Magazine - "How to Guide on fixing lost Comms" – click here to view.

DogMaster is the company that flew to America and sat down with Garmin to make the new legal Alpha gear happen for NZ.

Published in More Pork & Hooked on Boars and the Adventurer Magazine - "The Truth about GPS Tracking in NZ" - click to view.

Buy your gear from us for peace of mind & our exclusive DogMaster's Garmin Armour Protective Kit & CPH protection that will help your gear survive our NZ hunting conditions.    We care about your Gear.   

Take a look at our Fantastic Offers.    Your new Garmin Alpha gear can also be purchased via our Finance Now option.  


*in comparison to any other individual store

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Stop Dog Barking with Barking Dog Control Collars

Stop your dog barking today with Barking Dog Control Collars. Our range of bark control collars includes brands such as Petsafe, Innotek and Dogtra. These are also known as anti bark collars and no bark collars.

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Dog Training Collars

Dog training collars can be used to correct many unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, digging, chasing & biting stock, chasing cars, recall issues, barking and many more advanced training techniques.    

Remote training collars & systems are used by everyone with working dogs from the NZ Police through to our hard working farmers and recreational hunters.  

Many companion dog owners are also coming to the realisation just how wonderful these tools are as a safe and humane way off accelerating training and providing freedom for your dog all whilst providing the owner the confidence around control issues.   Remote trainers are used by some off the most experienced and respected dog trainers in NZ for training their client’s dogs.


Used correctly remote trainers are a wonderful training communications tool between the owner and the dog and can also be used as a very long lead; allowing your dog more freedom but you the owner control.

Modern training remotes have a range of tools to get your dog’s attention, praise reward, warnings, or correction modes.

  • In-built clicker trainers
  • Tone only options
  • Vibrate only options
  • Nick training mode – 3 times faster than your average blink
  • Full correction

Our range of dog training collars include popular brands such as Garmin, Dogtra, Tritronics, PAC, SportDOG, Petsafe, DT & Innotek.   If you’re unsure which is the best brand or model for you and your dog then please give our friendly staff a phone call on our FREE calling number; 0800 364 6270800 364 627.   

As the largest distributor of these products in New Zealand we are able to provide you with all the relevant information on all the major global brands.

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Dog Containment Systems & Dog Fences

Our range of Electronic Dog Containment Systems & Electric Dog Fences to stop your dog from escaping or keep them away from areas such as pools, garden beds, pot plants etc. These are also known as Invisible Dog Fences, Radio Fences & Pet Containment Systems.

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Hunting Dog Tracking Collars

DogMaster Trainers has been diligently working in the back ground to make this a reality for all New Zealand Hunters.   We got SportDog to modify theirs & as the Garmin Agents for Dog products we are pleased to announce that our efforts to bring you a legal version of the GARMIN GPS TRACKING has succeeded too.

  • GARMIN ALPHA GPS Tracking gear
  • SportDog TEK

Why buy from DogMaster Trainers instead of some other supermarket type hunting retailer who stocks every product under the sun?

  • We specialise in Tracking gear - we have been modifying it for 11+ years
  • We have a service department to fix and repair your gear after the warranty period.
  • We go the extra mile with protective kits for a reason.

Your new Tracking gear can be purchased via our Finance Now option if required.


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By Brands

View our most popular products by brand alone.     Sometimes when you know you have a trusted brand its just good to stay with it.

We stock more brands and more models than any other company in New Zealand.   We are the experts and can provide you with the right information to help you make an informed decision.

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Accessories such as batteries, collar straps and wire/flag boundary kits for dog containment systems.

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Finance Now Pre-Approval


Finance options for purchases over $299 are now available to our valued customers via FINANCE NOW.   To get pre-approved for finance simply click on the Personal Finance Application link below.

Personal Finance Application - CLICK HERE.

If you click the above "Personal Finance Application" you will find a quick finance calculator on the next page.    This will enable you to quickly and easily calculate your repayments in advance of putting in your application.

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