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Contech CatStop Contech CatStop in action

Contech CatStop Cat Deterrent

Price: $99.00

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  • In-built motion sensor
  • Produces a 3 second blast of ultrasonic sound
  • Monitors up to 280 square feet (26 square meters)
  • Runs off a single 9v battery
  • Water resistant
  • 2 year warranty

With the CatStop ultrasonic cat deterrent, you can easily and safely keep unwanted cats out of your garden, flower beds or backyard. CatStop scares cats away with a burst of ultrasonic noise whenever a cat is detected by its in-built motion detector. The great thing is that you and your neighbours can’t hear it.

The CatStop cat deterrent is effective for up to 7 metres and can monitor an area of up to 26 square metres. CatStop is water resistant and only requires a 9V battery.

How the CatStop ultrasonic cat deterrent works:

The in-built motion sensor detects any cats entering the area and emits a piercing, ultrasonic noise that startles the cat and frightens it away. The cat associates the unpleasant ultrasonic sound with the location and avoids the area in the future.